Project Title: Phase II and Phase III Trials in Glioblastoma

Start Date: August 2015
End Date: Ongoing

Incentives for a study

Glioblastoma is the most common and most aggressive primary parenchymal brain tumor [1, 2]. The current standard of care is based on maximal surgical resection followed by concurrent radio-/chemotherapy with temozolomide followed by at least six months of maintenance chemotherapy, resulting in a median survival of approximately 15 months [3]. Besides temozolomide, only a few agents have shown any clinical benefit with only marginal success compared to radiotherapy alone [4]. Furthermore, advanced immunotherapeutic strategies have also emerged without any significant success [5]. The current evidence-based treatment recommendations for systemic therapy is well summarized in the work from Olson at al. [6].

Current Status

The goal of the project is to evaluate current landscape of glioblastoma related trials. The project is ongoing and we expect that final results will be published in final form in August 2016. In the work we concentrated on phase II and III only, but following work will cover all phases and trial types.


Glioblastoma,Grade IV astrocytoma, GBM, Clinical Trial, phase II, phase 2, Phase III, phase 3


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Shared Data

Basic Data for Glioblastoma Review (Download)