About - ClinicalTrial.co

We are group of professionals with various areas of expertise sharing one idea: information and knowledge should be easily accessible. Having that in mind, we created www.Clinicaltrial.co with aim to enhance access to clinical trials information. We have recognized a need for better access to information about clinical trials for patients as well as for scientific community. For people in need it is essential to find right information in timely manner. For scientist and clinicians in dynamic world of evolving medicine it is important to be updated with newest information on progress. Our expertise covers medical science, informational science, statistic, linguistic, economy and marketing. This site is a result of our combined efforts to bring improved and simplified access to publicly available data of various clinical trials performed around the world. Our main goals are:

  • Simplified access to important information about clinical trials for patients
  • Development of advanced algorithms for trial data search and retrieval
  • Simplified and enhanced data export and analysis